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Pricing & Delivery


  • Manufacture time:

    • Standard 3m x 5m – In stock

    • Custom size – 45 days + shipping


  • Shipping time:  7-10 days


  • Prices from: EUR 8,235.25 nett. (Standard 3m x 5m wall)






  • Size: 3m x 5m Inflatable Climbing Wall


  • Weight:  118kg


  • Packed size:  118 x 107 x 90cm


  • Set-up time: 20 minutes

3m x 5m ‘Standard’ Climbing Wall – EUR 8,235.25 nett.



  • Three climbing routes – easy, moderate and difficult


  • Detailed design – 4 hold variations for realistic climbing and easy access entry ladder to start climbing with ease


  • Small overhang for an extra challenge


  • Custom design including choice of size, shape and colour


  • Simple to deploy from land or sea and very fast to inflate


  • Multiple attachment points for safe fastening to your yacht or dock


  • Large release valve for extra-fast deflation 


  • Constructed with top quality 0.70 PVC, synthetic ropes and specialist accessories


  • Complete with storage bag and manufacturers 3 year warranty

1. Choose Location and Measure


To give you an accurate quote for your custom built inflatable superyacht climbing wall, we need to know how big you want it to be. You may already have an image in mind, but if not we suggest the following measurements as a good starting point:


  • HEIGHT: From the top of the railing on the nearest deck (for maximum support), down to the waterline. For sailing yachts, the climbing wall is hoisted and held in position using your yachts winch

  • WIDTH: As wide as you’d like! Keep a good distance from nearby obstacles like swim steps and balconies

  • OVERHANG: Your custom overhang can stretch the entire width of your climbing wall, or just a portion

  • TRAVERSE SECTION: A great activity for kids of all ages, we can design you a yacht climbing wall that is low to the water and as long as you please


The Marine Toys and Tenders team are highly experienced in yacht climbing wall development and can offer valuable advice specific to your yachts architecture and requirements. Please contact us if you’d like a helping hand.






2. Select Two Colours


Use the colour swatches below to pick the colour of your custom-built inflatable yacht climbing wall:

The fun starts here, but the challenge will never end!

Pushing the boundaries of versatility in a never before seen combination of fun, challenge and exercise – our inflatable climbing wall is more than just a luxury water toy. Offering a daily workout that builds core strength and fitness, you can test your physical limits with progressively more difficult routes from easy, medium and hard, while enjoying the competitive challenge when racing friends to the top and the exhilarating plunge down when things don’t go quite to plan. Marine Toys and Tenders offer a standard 5m x 3m yacht climbing wall in stock ready to ship worldwide from our European and Asia Pacific offices. Alternatively we offer solutions for your custom built climbing wall, designed with your requirements in mind and including over-hangs, traversable sections, additional ropes to climb up and to any width or height specifications you wish. With our standard size setting up time in just 20 minutes, the fun begins almost instantly!


Order your Climbing Wall today… will you be the first to the top?!

AG, Private Client

“Genious! The inflatbale climbing wall is portable and easy to set up – I don’t see why everyone with a bit of waterfrontage doesn’t have one!”



3. Send Us Your Logo


Names or logos can be printed on the side of your customised climbing wall to give it that personal touch. Please remember to send us your yachts name or logo as an Adobe Illustrator .ai file or .eps art file for all artwork.




4. Payment and Construction Schedule



We’ll send you our technical design drawings for your approval and ready for manufacture.


DEPOSIT – First 50% Instalment

Confirm your order and make your first 50% instalment upon receipt of our invoice.



Put your feet up while we build your dream toy – production begins once we receive your payment.



One week before completion of your toys, we’ll send you a photo update and ask for confirmation of your shipping address to get an accurate shipping quote.


FULL PAYMENT – Second 50% Instalment + Shipping

Prior to shipping we’ll send you an invoice for your second 50% instalment including shipping.



Before you know it, your toys will be en route and you’ll receive tracking details from us.



Your toys arrive on time, wherever you’ve told us to deliver them. Just inflate and play!












Your Custom Climbing Wall 4 Steps


We can give you an accurate quote using just that first measurement.


We know how important the specifics can be, so your quote will include storage size, weight and estimated set-up time.

Inflatable Climbing Wall

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