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Pricing & Delivery


  • Manufacture time:  In stock


  • Shipping time:  7-10 days


  • Prices from:  USD 390.00 + VAT + Shipping





  • Length x Width:  133cm x 18cm


  • Weight:  2.3kg


  • Box size 1:  80cm x 30cm x 15cm

Reef Surfer EDGE: USD 475.00 + VAT + Shipping





  • Choice of two Reef Surfer models to suit every ability


  • Single pivot point construction makes Reef Surfering really easy to learn


  • Single-line tow point means faster set-up time than competitors and more environmentally friendly


  • Compact and lightweight – it’ll pack into hand lugguage


  • Manufactured at the same US facility as well know wakeboard brand Ronix


  • Includes 50ft tow rope

Quite simply, an ocean play park moored next to your yacht makes your’s the place to be. Its a vivid display of how much fun you and you’re guests enjoy, as well as a very attractive prospect for your charter guests. With Aquaglide products, you can choose as many, or as few additions as you like by simply clipping them together with the Interloc Quick Straps. These products are so simple, you’d be crazy not to have them!

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The Reef Surfer underwater dive plane offers the best price-to-fun ratio we have ever experienced. Compact and user-friendly, the Reef Surfer can accommodate both free divers and snorkelers allowing watermen and women to control both pitch and roll while being towed underwater at various speeds by speed boat, tender or PWC. Dive down to check out the underwater marine life and come back to the surface for a breath of air with ease. The Reef Surfer comes in two models, the ‘Lung’ for beginner to intermediate free divers, and the ‘Edge’ for those who are more experienced or wanting to push their boundaries. Its unique design gives you full control – you’ll be doing barrel rolls in no time, increasing your speed as you go!


Your introduction to an underwater world starts here

First Mate, 87m Pendennis

“We are very happy with the service the MTT team provided and will continue to use them for our future needs wherever we are in the world.”


Reef Surfer

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