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Pricing & Delivery


  • Manufacture time: 45 days from payment


  • Shipping time:  7-10 days


  • Prices from:  GBP 25,495.00 + VAT + Shipping





  • Length x Width x Height: 201cm x 72cm x 66cm


  • Weight: 120kg (dry)


  • Warranty: 1 year

MTT ‘All Inclusive’ Rickter Package: GBP 27,500.00 + VAT + Shipping


Package Features


  • Rickter XFS carbon fibre hull – designed for ease of aerial manoeuvres


  • High performance, custom built 1200cc 2 cylinder, 2-stroke engine


  • Adjustable handlepole, steering and binding system


  • 3 day freestyle demonstration and training with British Champion Dan J Rowan


  • Fuel jug, high performance engine oil and battery charger


  • Custom workshop stand and launching sling for ease of deployment and retrieval

Quite simply, an ocean play park moored next to your yacht makes your’s the place to be. Its a vivid display of how much fun you and you’re guests enjoy, as well as a very attractive prospect for your charter guests. With Aquaglide products, you can choose as many, or as few additions as you like by simply clipping them together with the Interloc Quick Straps. These products are so simple, you’d be crazy not to have them!

With our exclusive Freestyle Training program, you’ll be performing backflips in no time!

For the extreme sports enthusiast, Marine Toys and Tenders have partnered with Rickter Jet-Ski’s to bring you a custom Yamaha Superjet stand-up jet-ski capable of the spins, flips and tricks you’ve only before seen on screen. Together with Rickter and multiple UK Freestyle Champion Dan J Rowan, we offer full free-style training on location, along with all the safety gear you need to have the confidence to catch some air. Each Rickter Jet-Ski is hand crafted for the highest performance and put together on site with a range of technical and aesthetic customisations to suit any rider. With simplicity in mind Marine Toys and Tenders have put together a custom ‘all-inclusive’ superyacht package with everything you need to make the most of your new Rickter Jet-Ski from the word ‘Go!’




We’ll have you spinning flips like the Pro’s in no time!

“The Rickter high-performance freestyle jet-ski hull combined with Dan Rowan’s expertise in custom engine building will take you far beyond your limits of jet-ski riding”


Director, Marine Toys and Tenders

Rickter Freestyle Jet-Ski

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